Tons of stuff! CD Copies out - etc. etc....

Hey! Everyone who requested promos (for various reasons) and people I told I would send them to, they are finally out! I’ve been MAD busy working on a few films (yeah I know it’s sucks - sometimes we have to do “real” work wink, but now I’m finally off for a few weeks so I am getting stuff done. Look to the mail!

Serpenteens are set to film the first video for “DeathTripping” on Sunday March 12th. Looks like Jason Trioxin will be there and probably a few more special guests! It’s a 3 camera shoot and it should be A LOT of fun… We’ll be posting pictures of the shoot once we get them.

The cover artwork mantle for “Dead Men Walking” has been passed to Dave Dwitt (definitely KICKASS) and you can check his work out at:


or on myspace at:

Damn this dude is bad! He’s also done a really slick gig poster for Danzig that’s definitely worth a look. A real music lover we dig his stuff and thought his painting “Zombie Fever” would be the perfect cover!

Don’t fear though… Due to time conflicts, Rabid Badger is doing the artwork for the new CD in progress “Voodoo Zombie Sex Magick”. We love James’ stuff and we gotta get him on something so this seems that it will work out better, concerning scheduling. He’s been hard at work with a tattoo apprenticeship and we wish him the best. Voodoo Zombie Sex Magick will contain 5 new Serp songs. We’ve tracked drums and plan to start bass and guitars at the end of March.

You can check out James Rowe’s stuff here if you’ve never seen his work:

Our good friend Julie is finishing up the new Serpenteens website as we speak. She’s been a mad cool friend for years so it’s an honor to have her putting things together for us. There’s not much there yet but if you want a peek:

You can check her out at: - she’s mad cool!

Check back in a week or so for the website’s “grand opening”!

Sorry it’s been so long since a blog but we’ve all been mad busy.

Big ups to Zacherley and Crypt of Blood.

Keep keeping on with your bad selves!

- G