We never realized how many people out there on MySpace really give a shit about zombie music and horror stuff. It’s awesome. Thanks to everyone for the support, comments and adds.

Glenn “The Creature" came in last Sunday to record drums for 3 new songs we’ve been working on written by Frank N. Stein. The titles are "Make Sure I’m Dead" , “Crematorium Operator" and "When She’s Undead". Let me say these tunes are ripping! I think we’ll be eventually posting new demo stuff for everyone to hear after we get the CD out of the way.

We’d also like to start playing some out of town shows in the following cities:
Philly, DC, Boston, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and anywhere else in these areas. If anyone has suggestions on clubs, bands to play with and/or promoters/nights, we’d be interested in hearing from you. Everyone is asking us “when we’re coming around”, so we’d like to start getting out there and meeting some people face to face!

Take a play of the “Deathtripping” video below if you haven’t seen it. We start production on "Silver Bullet" in early May - and we promise it’s gonna be hot. We’ve lined up some special guests to appear in it, which should be fun as well.

Well that’s it for now stay in touch - we love the attention!