New Sounds News Update!

First of all, thanks to all of the new people who have friended us (and allowed themselves to be friended) on MySpace! A lot of you guys have written us great comments & e-mails, and we appreciate you taking some of your time to spend it on us! If you really like our stuff, turn some like-minded friends on to us. You’d be hooking us up bigtime.

We’ve been officially endorsed by Coffin Case - and we love their stuff!!! You can check them out at

We’ve added some new songs to listen to from the upcoming CD. Another little taste of thing to come. Soon we’ll post some demos of new songs for people to check out as well. I know we’ve been saying we’ll announce an official label soon, but I guarantee its going to happen.

If you check in the photo section we’ve added the design for our new logo. We’re about to start working with a t-shirt company so we should have new shirts really soon of both the new and old logos. We’re getting a great deal, but if anyone knows a price that cant be beat we’d be interested in hearing about it.

We put together a banner and we’d be more than willing to exchange banners with anyone who is on our MySpace friends list. If you link bands to your MySpace page or website, and would like to hook us up with a banner, we’d really dig it as well.

We’re excited about doing our first show in a few years at The Delancey in NYC on July 7th. We’ll be playing with the awesome Blitzkid, the outstanding Cryptkeeper 5 and a few other bands TBA. This is going to be a night of all horror which doesn’t come around too often in Manhattan (believe it or not!). Everyone is going to rip it up so if you’re a horror fan you should come and check this one out. Anyone who wants to get involved with helping to promote is welcome to jump on the ship!

If you haven’t seen it already check out the video for the song “Deathtrpping” in our April 10th website update or on our Myspace page’s video section. We think it rocks!

Well, keep the comments coming (feedback is key) and have a safe holiday weekend if you’re in the US…