Lucky Cat Brooklyn 11/18/06

A great big THANKS to everyone who come out for the show at the Lucky Cat in Brooklyn. Since the other bands pulled a no show, we got to play an extra long set which was fine by us! We think it was really good and as usual we wouldn’t have had such a good time without our friends and fans showing us so much love!

Fangoria Radio ID!

We just did a promo ID for Dee and Debbie at Fangoria Radio Sirius 102. We LOVE the show. Go check it out and check out their site. The new Serpenteens ID is on it!

Since we don’t know how many of you are going to listen, Please give us some feedback and tell us what you think! Man are we HAPPY!

We are currently running a banner contest on MYSPACE for a bunch of cool stuff that you can win check the details below!


Serpenteens MySpace top friends/banner contest first prize is a Coffin Case filled with stuff!

We’re holding a contest for some cool free stuff!

First prize: A coffin case filled with a full color ”Serpenteens logo T-Shirt, “Dead men Walking CD’, Buttons, Poster, Stickers and a signed postcard.

Second prize: Serpenteens logo shirt, Dead Men Walking CD and a signed postcard

Third and Forth Prizes: Your choice “Dead Men Walking” CD / Serpenteens logo Tee

Contest Deadline and rules:

By Friday November 24th, put the Serpenteens in your top friends and place the banner text at the top of this page on your myspace page. You must Mypace e-mail us and let us know you have everything up by the deadline. Keep us there (and keep the banner up) until at least January 2nd. The banner must stay at actual size (directions below if you don’t know how to embed a banner on your page). We will check pages every so often and at the end of the contest we will put everyone who e-mailed and kept the stuff on their page into a hat and draw winners. You must put us in your top friends AND put up the banner to qualify!

Now you know how lazy a lot of MySpace people are, so your chances are pretty good to win something if you actually go through with this. It’s very little work and cool free stuff rules!

Banner imbed instructions:

Highlight the code in the box at the top of this page right click and copy. Go to “edit profile in on your myspace page. Paste the code into any of the boxes in edit profile (about me, who I’d like to meet, interests, music, movies etc), and the code should show up perfectly (like it is at the top of the page!).