For Immediate Release:

New York City based band Serpenteens have signed full endorsement deals with Samson Electronics and Hartke Amplification who join sponsor Coffin Case Road Gear to support the band’s US touring schedule and new CD “The Superhuman Monstershow” to be released in May 2007”!

With the band’s successful 2006 CD “Dead Men Walking” (released on Washington State based Blood And Guts Records) receiving rave reviews from the press, the group is prepared to issue a new CD titled “The Superhuman Monstershow” in May 2007. Continuing the band’s now infamous “monsterpop” sound, the new CD will coincide with a national US tour.

Hartke Amplification will be providing the backline, Samson Electronics will be providing the microphones and system while Coffin Case will provide the transport cases.

Band spokesperson Gee Alphamayle is quoted as saying “ We’ve used Hartke and Samson products in the band’s studio and on the road for years already so this is really a no brainer. We’ve also used Coffin Case road gear with great results in the past. We’re really happy to be involved with good companies.”

The band will continue touring throughout 2007.