Dragon Con Extravaganza!

What a blast we had at Dragon Con! SO MANY great things happened we couldn’t believe it!

Hello to all the new friends and fiends we made who have been contacting us - there’s so many to
name it’s easier for us to just thank you all. You made Dragon Con super special for us.

The staff at D*COn was especially nice, helpful and really kicked butt not just for us,
they kicked ass for ALL the talent! Special shout outs for Billy Messina (extra thanks for
taking care of Mark) Billy Harrison, Clyde from Emerald Rose, Paul Cashman, Derek from the
Dragon Con Gothic Track, Tiffany, Mad Dog and the WHOLE Ops crew for making things run so
smoothly behind the scenes, Peter Miller from the Hyatt Security Staff (good luck on the exam!),
Dragon Con TV and the sound and video department in the Regency Ballroom for all your
time and effort. It’s greatly appreciated.

We got to hang out with quite a few of our HORROR peers like Ghoultown, Belle Morte and
Calabrese (All great folks who work well with others, have great bands and great attitudes)
True professionals and class acts. I also finally met Gris Grimly (artist extraodinare) who
was mad cool and offered to work with us on some new art (which I plan to take him up on!)
Haloscript had the booth right behind us and although they are not horror rock per se they are
some damn cool peeps!

Extra Special thanks to Voltaire for reasons too numerous to mention.

Mauricio kicked ass as the 5th member of our family, doing merch, taking
pictures, promoting and generally keeping everything running smoothly.

Thanks to David Spence for taking so many great shots of the live show in the ballroom and helping out in general. Truly a friend.

Sorry if we forgot anybody - please don’t be offended - this weekend we reaped the

Now with all that said here’s the rundown (from G’s Perspective wink):


I got there early and started setting up the Merch booth and the guys arrived a bit later in the afternoon. They went over to get some rest at the hotel (after a grueling 14 hour drive that started at 10pm Thursday night) while I finished setting everything up after load-in. People were already well into a good time and showing off costumes etc etc. A few hours later everyone came back, the booth was set up, we had a few beers and Mauricio and the guys went off to see Voltaire play while I watched the booth. Everyone said Voltaire was in top form, but I had promised Mauricio he could, go so I personally missed it. I wanted to see Belle Morte because I had never seen them live, but someone had to look after the “biz”. After meeting Belle Morte, I will definitely be at thier next NYC show to give them some love. Since Glenn was also playing with Voltaire on this trip, he played a total of 3 days out of 4! Thank god he loves what he does! Afterwards we partied a little bit, closed the booth and then went back to the hotel. A mighty long day for everyone and I have to give my bandmates and Mauricio a lot of love for their perseverance and endurance.


With Mauricio firmly entrenched in the booth, I went off to sit on a 10am (can you believe it?) panel called “Zombie 101” which was PACKED and was a 1 hour discussion just on Zombies! I was in heaven. I got back to the booth and we hung out all day signing merch for people and shooting the breeze. At about 3:30 we moved up the the Hyatt Concourse to do our first ever acoustic set with Gregor Kitzis (violinist with Voltaire among other things) sitting in for about 5 of 9 songs. The crowd was good and we even had John De Lancie (aka “Q” from Star Trek Next Generation) watch most of our set! That was a big thing for Frank and I (acknowledged Trek nerds). The crowd ate it up, young and old, and a lot of folks came down to our booth after to let us know how much they enjoyed it.

The setlist was:
Silver Bullet
When She’s Undead
Zombie Bride
All Around Me
Monster Kids
Cemetery Man

I think the response was so good that we have talked to Gregor about getting together to record some of this stuff in the near future! After that I ran to sit on another panel on Zombies (heaven again) and then sat on a panel about Horror Rock with members of Ghoultown and Belle Morte (who had the crowd in stitches) that was really great fun. Later that night we went to see Ghoultown (who put a great set of Texas-twang horror rock complete with a mariachi style trumpet) and I manned the booth for Mauricio to go and check out another band he wanted to see. After he got back we all hung out, then went to a late night private party for some drinks.

Sunday - (THE BIG DAY):

After we nursed our hangovers and got some food, we all hung out at the booth promoting the main show later that night and signing merch for people (a little weird - but fun). We met fans that had come from all over to see us (some as far as California, Tennessee and Florida) and it felt good to get a direct, physical confirmation that people so diverse, and from all over, enjoy our music so much. I rushed off to sit on another music panel at about 5:30pm with Rogue and from Cruxshadows which turned into a slightly spirited, but good discussion on music. Back to the hotel and then back to the Regency for soundcheck. After that I met up with Andy a long time friend, who’s helping us with publicity on The Superhuman Monster show CD, which was awesome. I’ve known him for many years and finally, after all this time, I got to meet him in person. He’s the man. Then before you know it, midnight had arrived and it was time to take the Regency Ballroom stage. The kids in the front were giving us a lot of love and as we started the first song the room began to fill up! By the third song (X-Ray Eyes) the room was nicely packed and Voltaire came up on stage to sing back-ups (one of two songs that night as he also sang on Cemetery Man),and we had gotten the momentum rolling. We ended up doing a nice 40 minute set which we filmed. After Calabrese played a crazy, great set, the ballroom became the “rave room” and we went to a private room party with some of the members of Ghoultown. When that party broke I ended up hanging out with some folks that I had met earlier in the evening and having a few more drinks.

The setlist was:

Destroy Your World
Stay Awake
X-Ray Eyes
The Superhuman Monstershow
When She’s Undead
Crematorium Operator
Calling All Monster Kids!
(Please be My) Zombie Bride
Make Sure That I’m Dead
Hell California
Cemetery Man
Wolf’s Breath

I have to honestly say we couldn’t have had a better time if we tried.

Some other stuff that’s going on:

FatCat Radio

Featured Artist No. 39 Link
Genre:  Monsterpop
Location: New York City, NY

Featured Song:  "Make Sure That I’m Dead"

This artist can be heard on The BIG Show.
Wednesdays @ 8pm - 11pm Central.


Vampyre Lounge – Live footage from Court Of Lazarus
The Serpenteens rock down the house at The Court Of Lazarus. The rockabilly band performs such favorites as “The Superhuman Monstershow” and “(Please Be My) Zombie Bride”, etc. And it’s all captured on The Vampyre Lounge. Check out their energetic performance!

Last but not least – da next show:
Serpenteens Live in Wilmington Delaware at Mojo 13
All Horror Rock Bill!!
Friday - 9/07/2007
9:00 PM the show starts
1706 Philadelphia Pike
Newark, DE 19809

And don’t forget the latest installment of:

Hell California - THE COMIC!!!!! Week 9 is up! The Phantom Rider gets his ultimate revenge on the final outlaw that killed him!

Many thanks to Joseph for his outstanding work!!! CLICK HERE: