Well, well, well… seems like this great year is about to come to an end. We met a lot of new folks, played a lot of shows and had a lot of fun!

We’re about to hit the MEANY FEST Finals on Saturday 12/29 at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan (The Main Stage!) – thanks to you guys. In this final part of the competition there will be a panel of judges so we’ll really get to show what we can do in front of people who can tell the difference between good and bad! We heard this thing sells out so if you’re coming out you should get tickets in advance! You can RSVP here:


This show is 18+ so if you’re under 21 you can attend – but you can’t drink obviously.

We’re going to be featured on Little Steven Van Zandt and Genya Ravan’s Sirius Radio show “Goldie’s Garage” on January 8th (Midnight on the East Coast, 9pm on the West Coast) as part of an ongoing best song contest. They’ll be playing (Please Be My) Zombie Bride. It’s up for a vote so if you have Sirius Radio – please tune in. Little Steven is behind this so it should be good. For more info you can go here:


Cheers to you all… Thanks to all the new peeps that have friended us on MySpace recently and extra special thanks to Paskull for starting the myspace Horrorhead Euroclub/! If anyone wants to join you can go here:


See you all next year - we’ve got a lot of things planned!