We have been producing demos for all the tracks for the BRAND NEW Serpenteens CD titled “Murderfest Destiny!”! Yep - you heard it here first. We’re getting set up to record in late April 2008. So far we’ve done about 12 songs out of the 20+ we have, to decide what we want to use for the CD.

Some of the titles are:

Sex Arcana
Crematorium Operator
Stay Awake
Raising The Dead
Pretty Flesh
Do You Wanna Be Destroyed!
When She’s Undead
The Gift
Down to Your Grave
Blackness in Your Heart
The Valley Of The Sun

+ More!

I don’t mind if I say so myself – the new stuff is KILLER (no pun intended!). We’ll be doing stuff on this CD that you’ve never heard us – or any other – horror rock band do! The songs are ambitious and there will be plenty of guest appearances to go around!

There are more changes to come – sit tight.