Ok here goes peeps! We’ve finally decided on a drummer and here he is Chris Mele!


Not only is this man a phenomenal drummer, he plays in quite a few different bands (including my good Norwegian friend Mark Steiner’s “Piker Ryan". He owns his own custom drum shop and last but not least is a REAL doctor! Yes I mean - physician! That’s two we know (what’s up Mauricio!). We’ve wanted to work with Chris since our first drummer left way back when in 1999, but he was engrossed in school then and didn’t have the time. We’ve known him for YEARS, he “GETS IT” and is amazing at the craft of drumming.

Please give him a warm welcome…

Most songs are laid for the Murderfest Destiny demos although they are still in all stages and sorts of dis-array. Frank N. Stein and I plan to be finished by month’s end. Finally an accurate record for the most part of what the new CD will ultimately sound like. I’m excited. I really think this is going to be, hands down, the best thing we’ve ever done. Good things take time. We want to break barriers.

The custom Phantom Limited Serpenteen T-Shirts are now definitely in the works. FULL COLOR! The deadline for ordering is June 15th. The cost will be $20. ppd ($22 for XL). When you order please give the name (first and last) or nickname that you would like on the back of the shirt and also YOUR SIZE! PLEASE do this when you order so I don’t have to chase you down later and kill you J . Click the link below and order with Paypal.

If you want to order with a check or money order send it here:

G. Grant 231 East 5th Street
NYC, NY 10003

A check is better so that I can return it to you if we don’t make the minimum (include all info mentioned above). Paypal will also be refunded directly if the minimum isn’t met. If your check or MO isn’t on my autopsy slab by the 14th you’ll probably be out o’ luck…

I need to do a 2 dozen minimum so please order early so I can gauge quantities! I will also include free stickers with every order.

When you see the “new demo on page now” on our MySpace profile you know that we put a new track up for 24 hours to test feedback. Comment so we see what your thoughts are.

Guilty pleasures since the last blog:

Sweeney Todd (Fantastic – so there’s singing. Deal with it!)
Cloverfield on DVD
Retrofitting my preamps and tube mics with vintage telefunken tubes. SWEET.
Recalibrating the drum room - sounds like a million bux!

Pet Peeves:

People who see you on the corner waiting for a cab and just walk right in front of you and start waving. Some of them even have the nerve to give you “tude” when you tell them to “get ta steppin!"

People who will walk against the light and in front of your cab risking their lives to get somewhere 10 seconds earlier. These people also seem to give “tude”. Dude it’s raining real hard and you’re wearing all black. How stupid are you?

Slow ass bartenders! Yo! you’re friends are grubbing for free. You need to get my drink instead of talking to them. If you don’t care, I don’t care so don’t give me the shit smelling face if you don’t get tipped after making me wait 10 minutes.

- Keep it dead, drop us some comment love - more news as it develops!
- G