Ok - it’s been a while since last contact. Believe me we’ve been VERY busy. Sorry I haven’t been is as good of contact as I normally am with everyone but thanks for your messages of concern and consideration. Unfortunately we still have “real world” business (like making rent, bills and recording other artists) to attend to from time to time wink. I personally have been finishing up recording and mixing the new Voltaire CD (which btw is fantastic!) amongst others. His Cellist Matt Goeke and Violinist Gregor Kitzis played on a few tracks on our new CD with awesome results.

We will not be doing the Phantom Limited shirt. Everyone who prepaid has had your cash returned to you via paypal along with any processing fees. A note on this: We put this idea out there because a lot of people said they were interested and at the end of the day not as many came through as said they would. If this shirt wasn’t so specific of an experiment we probably would have done it anyway, but it doesn’t make sense at this point. We will probably do it as a design in the fall when make new shirts for the line, but it won’t be custom or limited. Those of you who did order can contact me directly here on the myspace page and I’ll be happy to send you a free tee from the current catalog as show of appreciation. Coming through with support has its merits . Send me your style and size and we’ll get it out to you asap.

We have recorded and pre-mixed over 60 minutes worth of new music under the working title “Murderfest Destiny”. We’re not sure if that’s going to be the final title at this point. Now not only do I think it’s far and away the strongest body of work we’ve done so in terms of songwriting and musicality - sonically it blows away most of what is out there. As usual we push the limits of what is considered “horror” and mix genres like we’ve always done – but the feel is “tighter”. And yes… we do bring the blood all the way through! We also featured a lot of additional musicians on this recording – you all will surely be pleased 

We are considering a US tour in the fall if we can get the pieces to come together the right way. We’ve had some offers for stuff so we’re still considering what we want to do. We’d like the new CD to be out of we’re going to really tour it. Halloween maybe?

We won’t be performing at Dragon Con this year. The guy who books it wants to keep the line-up of bands fresh and we can see his point. He asked us to submit next year and there’s a good shot we’ll get booked again so we probably will. Special thanks to all those who went to bat to try and get us down there again 2 years in a row.

We hope you are all well and look for new songs to hear all this month on the myspace page!!!!