Here is a direct link to a free download “It’s Halloween”. It’s up on our myspace page now for your listening pleasure and it’s just in time for the season!! A brand new song we wrote just for Halloween! Do us a favor… PLEASE Spread this one far and wide. Put it in your music playlist on your myspace page. Share it with as many friends as you can - send them a myspace message or e-mail and tell them where to get it! (don’t forget to include the link!!!) For that matter - email it straight to them!!! It dosen’t get any better than horror for FREE!{3FA95A56-497B-47D9-8068-40216D0B1EAE}

Once stupid ass myspace gets thier freaking act together, you’ll be able to get it directly on the page as well. Myspace has not fixed the free download part of thier music software in about 2 months. Complain. We have!

Also - We’re running a sale on T-Shirts for the next couple of weeks. $10 for any shirt design on the myspace page. Paypal with the size, design and address. We’ll get you hooked up!

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy the holiday and the latest tune! Order a shirt, we want to make some new designs!