Man we had so much fun tracking the basics for the new CD! We usually record at our personal place (PlanetGrey Studios), but our new producer Bob got us such an outrageous deal at a studio he used to be part owner of, that we just couldn’t pass it up. We were mostly there for drums, using great gear in a good live room. A good portion of Guns And Roses “Appetite" was recorded on that particular board. Good Karma say we!

Bob - Master Of Ceremonies!

Yeah, a good bit of GNRs Appetite was recorded on this board. Good Karma!

We spent four very long days recording with The Bouncing Souls drummer Mike, who is probably the hardest hitter we’ve ever played with! The guy plays with amazing intensity for hours on end, cracks the snare, pounds the kick and is top notch in every way. It was really great to have him, we’re lucky he was into our stuff and he brought a lot to the table concerning feel and ideas. A real pro. He played until his fingers bled and we love him for it. Couldn’t have been any better.

Mike from The Bouncing Souls is Slammin!

Frank and I worked with him to get the feel just right on lot of things, and it really felt good recording without the pressure of also engineering. Bob made my recording life a thrill this time around!

Making sure the shit is tight!

Gee and Bob in the control Room, Frank and Mike in the live room!

Frank and Mike polishing things up!

Now that all the basics and drums are tracked we’re going to go back to PlanetGrey in mid-May to start cutting guitars and vocals and guest performances. We’ve already got a ton of musicians who want to play on the CD and who may have helped us with the demo versions. That’s one of my personal favorite parts! We are documenting everything in both photographs and on video (thanks to the awesome Mr. Andreas Hofweber so there’s plenty more to come!

The video for It’s Halloween is coming along well. Almost all the models are built and are now in the painting stage (I know, I know it’s taking a long time). I really underestimated how long it takes to do something like this the right way, but as usual I want it to be the best possible quality. In the next blog I’ll include some pictures of how it’s shaping up...

As usual thanks for the support, we welcome comments and drop us a line to let us know what you’ve got going on!

- G